Super Snowflakes

Super Snowflakes

Mother nature has been holding out on us here in western Iowa, here it is, December 22nd and no snow! There may be a bit this weekend but for the most part the skies are clear and the ground uncovered.  Don’t worry though! You can make your own snowy fun and you don’t even have to shovel it!
Growing up I was a huge fan of paper snowflakes, I would make dozens every single winter and hang them around the house. The best part was that I could convince my parents to keep them up after the holidays were over.  I argued that they were “winter” decor and therefore worthy of staying up until the daffodils made their spring appearance.  As an adult I still love making these silly paper crafts but I now have the benefit of the internet to hunt down new ways of folding and cutting.  So here it is, my guide to awesome paper snowflakes for all ages and all you need is a pair of scissors and a sheet of regular size white printer paper.

Step 1:


Take a standard piece of 8 1/2″ by 11″ paper (printer quality works just fine) and fold it in half bringing the bottom edge to the top edge. Crease it sharp using a pencil or your scissors.


Step 2: Step TwoTake the left edge of your paper and fold it over to the right edge & crease it nice and sharp. You now have a paper folded in to quarters.


Step 3:Step Three

With the closed side of you paper on the left & the open edges on the top and right fold the bottom right halfway back making half a cone shape.


Step 4:Step Four

Turn the paper over and take the inside edge and fold it to the left edge of the paper, making a full cone shape.


Step 5:Step Five

Using your scissors cut along the top of your cone, removing the excess paper.


Step 6:
Cut your design! There is no right or wrong way to cut a snowflake.  Straight lines are much easier to cut than curved ones so I lean toward geometric shapes.  The more paper you cut from your snowflake the more intricate it will appear when you are finished.  The one thing you don’t want to do is cut directly across your folded paper all the way, this will make your snowflake fall apart completely. Experiment with different types of cuts, whatever your imagination can dream up, and each of your snowflakes will be unique.  Here are a couple of mine for reference.

Snowflake 1



Snowflake 2



Snowflake 3


Snowflakes decorate the PCCB office

Snowflakes decorate the PCCB office

Once you have your snowflakes cut you can display them in so many different ways.
  • Hang them in your windows for a festive winter scene
  • String them on fishing line and hang them from the ceiling for a snowy backdrop
  • Tape them to the top of plain wrapping paper for a new twist on gift wrap
Don’t forget to try this with different colors of paper too, red and green snowflakes can be just as pretty and even more festive.  Coordinate to your own tastes and make your own home a winter wonderland today! For more ideas on snowflake patterns & folding techniques check out these great references!
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