about us

Bewilderment is born from wonder. It might take you by surprise to discover something new, you may be startled or confused, it may slip your breath from your lungs and passed your lips and carry it away. Bewilderment isn’t about exploring or discovering things we have already made up our minds about. It’s about the other side of excitement- the thrill, perplexity, and astonishment in finding something new to see, to learn, and to know. In this learning- this seeking, this finding and knowing, we hope to grow.

For this reason, bewilderment and nature belong together. The natural world is brimming with wonder-filled things: changing seasons and shapes and each of their different faces; full and bursting wildflowers that grow and then fade; hundred year old oaks that withstand every test of even the harshest time; the winnowing wings of a hummingbird, a falcon, even the tiny honey bee. Going out into the big open outdoors invites you to dive in, breathe deep, chase ideas and imagine new ones, and watch the world unfold in its forever winding, changing, and perfect circle.

Pottawattamie County Conservation is committed to providing opportunities to experience and enjoy nature and hope to inspire meaningful and positive experiences in the outdoors. This blog will give you stories, knowledge, and especially some reasons to get outside.

This blog is about learning and loving nature. It is about going headfirst into the big open outdoors with yours arms wide open to all of its opportunities to be amazed, inspired, happy, and especially